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A sanctuary for the written word and those who craft it.


Welcome to Authored.info, Born from a passion for literature and a reverence for storytelling, our platform is a tribute to the timeless art of writing. With a commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering learning, we have built a space where writers and readers can explore, expand, and exchange ideas.

Our Mission

At Authored.info, our mission is to empower writers of all levels to hone their craft, to offer readers a lens into the diverse world of literature, and to provide educational resources that are as engaging as they are enlightening. We are dedicated to curating a rich selection of content that spans reviews, how-to guides, and showcases of original works that might otherwise remain undiscovered.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every voice has the chance to be heard, where stories are not just told but experienced, and where the journey of learning never ceases. Authored.info is more than a website; it’s a growing community, a hub of inspiration, and a testament to the power of words.

Our Values

Community: Building a supportive and interactive community where members can share, critique, and cheer one another on.
Diversity: Celebrating the rich tapestry of human experience through a wide array of literary works.
Education: Providing accessible, high-quality educational content to help writers improve and readers understand.
Integrity: Offering honest, thoughtful reviews and resources to help our community make informed decisions.
Creativity: Encouraging innovation, experimentation, and the fearless pursuit of one’s unique voice.

Join Us

Whether you are a writer seeking feedback and resources, a reader in search of your next great read, or a literary enthusiast eager to discuss the nuances of narrative and prose, Authored.info is your corner. We invite you to join us, contribute your chapter, and be a part of our narrative.

Discover. Learn. Create. Share. Grow. This is Authored.info.